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Oh, come on weak up. It’s just my dream. I’m not a people live follow plan. I like exciting and surprise. I can easy to love someone, but I cannot married with him/her. I know that I didn’t prepared. I’d rather to enjoy the dating life than have an unhappiness marriage. It’s really a great responsibility. I think there are a lot of people agree with me. I have sex with someone. Just means I like you. In conclusion, I think live as a bisexual is a good idea. 

I think not only me curious bisexual’s life. They can date with bisexual beauties; they can have threesome date; they can date with gay. They have many choices and don’t mind other’s eyes. It’s wonderful life. I also want to be bisexual, date with different partner in the bar. Looking for partner on bisexual dating site. Try different date every week. Monday – Wednesday date with sexy girl. Thursday – Saturday date with handsome boy. Maybe have a threesome in Sunday. 

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I don’t reject to married with someone. I can find the right people one day. But now, I’m a single bisexual. I understand that why so many bi-curious and bisexual don’t comes out or looking for date. They are afraid to be the people like me. Have a bad image in public. But I don’t care. I’m chasing the dream life. I don’t want to have regret at young age. 

I think that there are someone stand out someday and say “your life is terrible and licentious”. Then I will think about my life. What I have done? Have a good job. Have sex with 200 sexy girls, 100 handsome boy. Have 20 threesome dates. Well, drink a lot of wine. Have a small house and a car. What should I do to make my life looks like as normal? Have a good job. Leave home at 7:00 AM, back home at 8:00 PM. See a movie with my wife every Tuesday. Go fishing with my friend on weekend. Give children a story every night. Does this the right answer? Oh baby, it’s your life not mine.