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But this statement is based on the theory. Will you deliberately distinguish gay and bisexual in daily life? Well, I think Sexual orientation research experts will do it. We are not the experts. We probably know someone live around us is gay or bisexual. Out of curiosity, you want to know all the details about their life. Because you never experienced it. People always want explore the unknown things. 

Bisexual and gay could be very difficult to get married. Many bisexual and gay dare not to come out. Because of you want to satisfy curiosity. We have hurt a lot of bisexual and gay. Stop!!! Let them free. 

In our daily life, the family is very uncommon that make up by three bisexuals. But it really exist. Other bisexual either married with straight or married with gay. This is the choice of two diametrically opposed. At the moment bisexual choose to married a straight, they choose a straight life. At the moment bisexual choose to married a gay, they choose a gay life. Both of which have no primary and secondary, also there is no stand or fall. It just a choice. 

What important is whether it’s necessary to differentiate bisexual and gay? Why is gay not straight? Because gay and bisexual can hardly to differentiate. And they disguised as each other. I think many articles have mentioned the problem. Even the author think the reason why they disguised as each other is bisexual & gay don’t want been discriminated. 

Whether it’s necessary to differentiate the bysexual and gay?

Bysexual and gay have common point and difference. It can be understand from their definition. My understanding of bisexual and gay is bisexual could be gay someday, gay could never become a bisexual. 

In fact, both of bisexual and gay is discriminated by a part of straight people. Don’t care about it. I think they just want to experience the life of each other. Try to live as a new identity. Just for fun. We have no necessary to differentiate them. What we should do is share blessing and flowers to them when they get married.