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This is not a bad things. No matter they are real bisexual or not. They make the bisexual group become more powerful . With gay and bi-curious join bisexual’s group, bisexual’s community become more active. It was known by more people. Many people try to understand bisexual even try to join some bisexual’s party and date. 

This situation bring positive influence and negative effects to real bisexuals. The positive influence is makes bisexual have more bravery to face the social pressure. E.g. come out to the public. In our eyes it just a decision. But to the bisexuals who want come out, they will face the misunderstood and blame. Especially, these misunderstood and blame come from their family. But these situations will not happen when bisexual’s come out become a normal thing. 

What is a real bisexual should know?

We often heard that more than 50% of the bisexual is not real bisexual. The reason why we can get the conclusion is most of the gay and bi-curious pretend themselves to be bisexuals. For one side, bisexual have an advantage over others when looking for date. And bisexual makes people feel very cool in most cases. On the other hand, we know sometimes you will been discriminated if you are not straight. This is a herd mentality. The biology will reject the part not of the same clan. Stay with the same one will make them feel safe. So that many gays or bi-curious want to pretend to bisexual. They can not only get more chance to find a date, but also feel comfortable when get together with straight and bisexual. 

So, what is a real bisexual should do to solve the problem? You must know that no matter what a good guy you are, there always someone will blame you. No matter what a bad guy you are, there always someone will love you. No one could be a perfect people. What we should do have three steps.

  • When you don’t in a relationship or have no partner.

Be yourself when you looking for a relationship or date. No matter you are real bisexual or not. Don’t try to lying to others. There’s a phrase is said so. When you tell a lie, you must tell another ten lies to cover it. The cycle will make you crash in future. Good faith is the best weapon in the war of love.

  • When you in a relationship or have a partner.

We said that never try to tell lie to others, opposite we cannot been cheated by others too. If you want find a serious relationship. Don’t join the date until you know him/her enough. Or make sure he/she will not hurt you. I know it’s very difficult. Maybe they will say “I will date with others if you don’t come”. But if they really like you they will not tell you the words. If you just want a date with your new partner, you would better do all the safeguard procedures. You should know what to do if you often have exciting date. Just make sure you do it every times.

  • When you don’t know whether to begin a relationship or join a date.

These is no “hesitate” in love’s world. You can try everything when you have a date but the things you don’t want to do. Having date with principle is the key to success. 

The negative effects is not all the gay, bisexual, bi-curious are good person. A part of these people were lying or doing some bad things in a relationship. When these things were showing to public, all people remember these people and their name - “bisexual”.