Once, we are very excited at a classmate reunion. We all drink a lot of wine but still keep awake. I don’t know why I had sex with him at that night. It’s about two months since we meet each other.  We begin a relationship after that. Soon after we have sex again. I gradually alienated him from that after. He perceived my action and asked me why I did this. My answer is “I don’t like you anymore, let’s break up”. He doesn’t want to leave me. But I found that I was rejecting to have sex with male. I don’t know why…

I know her name, her professional and more situation about her family. As I know more about her, I have a special feeling to her. I eat with her every day, adding and dropping classes together. Shopping on the weekend, take care of each other. We are Bernard and Doris in everyone’s eyes. In school, some people detest us says that we are LESBIAN. I don’t care about their worlds. It’s freedom of speech. She seems to have heard some bad rumors. She is a bit awkward at first, and have no resistance later. 

My mind is very chaotic and blank, I’m very excited too. I rolled over and hugged her gently, she seemed to be asleep and have no reaction. Impulse occupy my brain suddenly, I started to touch and kiss her arm. Then I slowly to kiss her neck, my hand put into her pajamas and stroked her breast. The feeling is really amazing. My breast is C cup and her breast looks like D cup. I started to unlock her button, she woke up and stopped me. Just look at me with a strange eyes without blinking. I put my head against her neck and said “I really like you”. She have no response after hearing my words. I said “I really like the feeling stay with you”. 

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Used to be bisexual, A real story.(Part One)

Do you want to know what’s going on in my bisexual life later? Follow the article. To be continued……

There was a male student (188cm) appeared in my life later. And he became my boyfriend before long. Seriously I was not very like him at the beginning but not reject too. Don’t know why we can be couple. He is a very good guy. Not only wait me have dinner after class every day, but also take care of me. Occasionally, we like to walk on the path of the campus. Talking about ourselves and our future. I think the reason why I don’t reject him is that he is the only one care about me in a strange place. Actually I’m a very beautiful girl, figure is my most proud of thing at that time. 

Finally at the fifth month since we meet, she sent me back to my rent house outside the school. I left her I hope she can sleep with me and don’t go. She promised…

Later, I meet Anjee, a very beautiful girl. She has brown long hair. We don’t at the same class but at the same grade. I saw her walk through my window every day. And I’m very obsessed with her. I try to close to her gradual. That day I sit in the library opposite her. I active and say “hello” to her. She smiled and nodded at me. I know that our story beginning at this moment….

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I began my university life when I was 20 years old. In fact I don’t feel very exciting.

After have a bath we go into bed successively and very close. Even I can hear her breathing, very harmonious. I still couldn’t sleep after an hour. 

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