After a minute, I cannot control myself again. Begin my action slowly! Continue to kiss her neck, my hand is touching her lower abdomen unconsciously, flat! She is smelling very like the smell of mine. It’s the smell of my rosemary fragrance shower gel. My hand circling slid at her abdomen slowly. She was not reject, my heart was beating so fast like it want jump out of my body. And my face is very hot. It should be said that my body is very hot, feel the body’s blood boiling. My hand moved to her chest from the beginning of one hand into two hands. Her breasts are soft and big…… The feeling is very comfortable!!! I’m kissing her from neck to cleavage. And my lips move to her left breast slowly. My breathing became very heavy. I began to suck her breast heavily. I heard the sound of her slight groan. She must be as excited as me. I am grateful to didn’t let her go, and now we’re closer…….

Used to be bisexual, A real story (Part Two).

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Later, I took out a model of male genitalia. I spend 30$ to bought it at an adult shop. It’s neither too hard, nor too soft. My hands are a little shaking. It’s my first time to use this kind of thing to my beloved Anjee. I am very excited… I found I was an evil bisexual, but this idea just flashed. Then I take off her nightgown slowly. There is only a pink lace underwear on her body, and I took off my clothes too. In the dark room we look at each other with a little moonlight outside the window. 

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Suddenly, we hear the knocked voice, both of us are alarmed. Immediately wear clothes. Then I went out the door, oh my god. It’s him, it’s my ex-boyfriend. I was upset and I don’t know why. “Why are you here? It’s too late.” I ask him impatiently. He takes a said to me, “let’s start again”! My head was empty at that moment. Just at the time I want to let him go. Anjee came out from behind me. Wearing her clothes with head down and walking pass by without a word. I speak loudly to Anjee “where did you go”. She didn’t answer me. I want into the room and closed the door. Leave my ex-boyfriend outside. At the moment I know that I’m bisexual.  

Then I wrapped my arms around her, she have no action. I put my head on her shoulder and whispered near her ear. I think she love me too. I continue to kiss her neck and stroke her. I get stuck one second when I kiss her jaw. And then I kissed her lips. It’s a little cool but very soft, like to eat my favorite ice cream. But she still didn’t have much reaction. I stroked her lips gently and get close to her chest. The feeling is different to have sex with a man. I think real bisexual can understand my words. I stretched her thighs form outside to inside. She began to react, her hands lifted and through my waist, hold me in her arms. I was very nervous and curious…… I want to stop my abnormal movements but I couldn’t control my body.