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Next day, I went to class as usual. But Anjee isn’t by my side. I feel very sick and guilty to the things I have done. I was regret. The third day, I went to school and I heard others are talking about me and Anjee. They said we are lesbian. When I turned around, I couldn’t believe what I has seen. My ex-boyfriend is quarreling with them and shout that “To be yourself, this is not your business”. I was a little touched, he was really a very good guy.

I don’t know when to start get tired of this life. As a bisexual, I should be very happy. But I don’t know why. Perhaps we all lost freshness. The feeling is like I get tired of my ex-boyfriend. I can just say that I am tired of Anjee and the life we live together. One after another cold war and taunting. Anjee begged me, her eyes were red because of long time crying. She said “please don’t do this to me, I really love you, I’m not afraid of anything”. I said “Anjee, I’m sorry, I cannot go on the life with you, we couldn’t live together any more, I was sorry about that I had done, I just cannot control myself at now and maybe in the future”.

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2 days later, I was back to my home alone. I saw Anjee at the corner of the stairs. I have many words to say but there is no word speak out. I really want to talk with Anjee, but I am afraid. I did something hardly been accepted by ordinary people. I even don’t know how to apologize. I am very tangled and uncomfortable. I don’t know whether other bisexuals can understand my feeling.

That night we slept together again. Since then she moved to my home and live with me. Our relationship was last about 3 months! I made a mistake in my life. I am very regret now. I dropped out of school and didn’t finish it. Of course, there are a lot of things happened between us. 

bisexual free online date and have fun

I don’t know whether I’m a selfish people. At first, I try my best to get her, but now I give up after the passion. This isn’t the result I want. I am a woman, I’m a bisexual.

She came to me. I do not know whether to happy or sad. I was standing there. 2 minutes past, she smiled and said I want to stay at your home tonight. I cannot believe this. Is it my dream? I go up to stair and open the door. She followed me and shut the door. Today, no, it should be that I am very happy tonight. She came back to me again. I can’t help myself, I thought so. I'm happiness at the moment as a bisexual. 

Used to be bisexual, A real story (Part Three).