How do you choose friend?​

a. Choose same-sex friends very carefully --> 5 points                b. Choose opposite sex friends very carefully --> 3 Points          

c. Don’t care about this --> 1 Points

Test results:

Total score: less than 17 points        A.  Love the cold shoulder.

Total score: 18 to 26 points              B.  Heterosexual.

Total score: 27 to 34 points              C.  Bisexual.

Total score: 35 to 42 points              D.  Tend to be gay.

Total score: more than 42 points      E.  Gay.

In the life, which one of the following words do you use to call your lover?    

a. My BF/GF --> 3 Points           b. My husband/wife --> 1 Point

c. I'm XX (special and strange nickname) --> 5 Points

Encountered heavily rain on the way home, but you didn't take rain gear. What should you do.....?  

a. Running to home --> 3 points             b. Find a place to shelter --> 1 Point

c. Leisurely walking home in the rain --> 5 Points

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What do you want to do to your same sex friends?

a. Want to give him/her A kiss --> 5 Points               b. Want to pinch his/her face --> 1 Point         

c. Want to take care of him/her --> 3 Points

What type of kisses do you like...?

a. A passionate kiss --> 5 Points               b. Quiet and gentle --> 3 Points                     c. Just a simple kiss --> 1 Point

What kind of flower will make you love your lover more?  

a. Lily --> 3 Points                       b. Rose --> 1 Point​                              c. Celestial being --> 5 Points

When you in a relationship...?

a. It is easy to betray lovers --> 5 Points               b. Never betray your lovers --> 1 Points       

c. Not so sure about the love faith --> 3 Points

​​​What is your favorite color…….?

a. Purple/Pink --> 5 Points                b. Red/yellow color --> 3 Points                    c. Green/blue --> 1 Point

Do you ever exchange diary or exchange letters to your best friends for a long time?

a. Had experience --> 3 Points               b. It is doing such a thing --> 5 Points         

c. Will not reject such things in the future --> 1 Point

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What a person you are in your sexuality?

a. Relatively strong --> 5 Points                b. Comparing weak --> 3 Points          ​c. Ordinary --> 1 Point

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