bisexual online date and have fun

After a minute, I cannot control myself again. Begin my action slowly! Continue to kiss her neck, my hand is touching her lower abdomen unconsciously, flat! She is smelling very like the smell of mine. It’s the smell of my rosemary fragrance shower gel. My hand circling slid at her abdomen slowly. She was not reject, my heart was beating so fast like it want jump out of my body. And my face is very hot. It should be said that my body is very hot, feel the body’s blood boiling. My hand moved to her chest from the beginning of one hand into two hands. Her breasts are soft and big…… The feeling is very comfortable!!! I’m kissing her from neck to cleavage. And my lips move to her left breast slowly. .......

bisexual online date and have fun
bisexual free online date and have fun

Next day, I went to class as usual. But Anjee isn’t by my side. I feel very sick and guilty to the things I have done. I was regret. The third day, I went to school and I heard others are talking about me and Anjee. They said we are lesbian. When I turned around, I couldn’t believe what I has seen. My ex-boyfriend is quarreling with them and shout that “To be yourself, this is not your business”. I was a little touched, he was really a very good guy.

bisexual free online date and have fun

​​​​There have newest articles about bisexual.  There have many kinds of stories ( sad, happy, exciting..........). Maybe you will see your story here. Of course this is a place to share your happiness and story too. We have the common purpose what is looking for bisexual's dating at here. Come and join us. 

One of my wish is doing everything with you. Though I know it's impossible. I have been fantasy the image, someday we are sitting in the sunshine when we are old. The image is so beautiful. But as a bisexual, I must make a choice. I must leave you. I’m so sorry.

Have you think of that where is bisexual come from, and why? If you have no ideal with the question, let’s talk about it.
Human is a very peculiar species. We are not strongest in the ancient age, but we survived. What is we depend on. I think it’s the adaptive capacity. Like Darwin said:“Natural selection, survival of the fittest”. The ability of adapt the environment make us gain more and more advantage. In the end, we rule the world. But I think that not only the ability of adapt, but also ourselves evolution give us great help. Did you ever seen the movie X-Men? There are a lot of super power men in the movie. There is one novel concept was mentioned in the movie, it’s “gene mutation”. The ability make human become an unprecedented strong. Someone is fear about the change, even try to stop the “gene mutation”. Does it right? I don’t think so. 

improving single&couple life, 

Free chat and date with bisexual!

bisexual free online date and have fun

We often heard that more than 50% of the bisexual is not real bisexual. The reason why we can get the conclusion is most of the gay and bi-curious pretend themselves to be bisexuals. For one side, bisexual have an advantage over others when looking for date. And bisexual makes people feel very cool in most cases. On the other hand, we know sometimes you will been discriminated if you are not straight. This is a herd mentality. The biology will reject the part not of the same clan. Stay with the same one will make them feel safe. So that many gays or bi-curious want to pretend to bisexual. They can not only get more chance to find a date, but also feel comfortable when get together with straight and bisexual. 

I began my university life when I was 20 years old. In fact I don’t feel very exciting.
There was a male student (188 cm) appeared in my life later. And he became my boyfriend before long. Seriously I was not very like him at the beginning but not reject too. Don’t know why we can be couple. He is a very good guy. Not only wait me have dinner after class every day, but also take care of me. Occasionally, we like to walk on the path of the campus. Talking about ourselves and our future. I think the reason why I don’t reject him is that he is the only one care about me in a strange place. Actually I’m a very beautiful girl, figure is my most proud of thing at that time. 

1.    The eve to have important report. 
Sex can alleviate intense sentiment, fall blood pressure and reduce stress. One study found that have sex before public speaking, major exam, negotiation could make people more focused and active. Also could help reduce stress, improve the success rate. If you are a bisexual woman that prepare to come out, try this. Find a match and release all the stress. 

bisexual online date and have fun
bisexual free online date and have fun
bisexual free online date and have fun

I think not only me curious bisexual’s life. They can date with bisexual beauties; they can have threesome date; they can date with gay. They have many choices and don’t mind other’s eyes. It’s wonderful life. I also want to be bisexual, date with different partner in the bar. Looking for partner on bisexual dating site. Try different date every week. Monday – Wednesday date with sexy girl. Thursday – Saturday date with handsome boy. Maybe have a threesome in Sunday. 

Oh, come on weak up. It’s just my dream. I’m not a people live follow plan. I like exciting and surprise........

bisexual free online date and have fun

Well, how to identify to be a bisexual is very simple. In general, we call the people bisexual that can attract by both male and female. The attraction of both gander to bisexual not always the same. A bisexual could keep relationship with both male and female. Of course bisexual could keep relationship with one of the gender. Even bisexual could prefer one kind of gender. 

By the way, other sexual orientation is homosexual and heterosexuality. Because of the pressure of the social, many gay prefer to come out as bisexual. So that bisexual is called the gay that didn’t come out in public.

A hot bisexual woman having 3some dating with two strong bisexual man

For the question I think it confused most of bisexual man. Where to find bisexual woman? If they want date with me? No only bisexual man, but also many bisexual woman have no ideal.
Are you feel disappoint; When you join a bisexual or gay&lesbian party and find the people just get together to eat food. And someone will ask your phone number but never call you. After few times, you don’t join the party anymore. So there are some suggestions about how to find real bisexual man, woman&couple to have date. 

some questions to the people really have a threesome

We often see a threesome image on TV or in a movie. But we can only see them kissing and waking up the next morning. What happened between them last night? Does threesome date really exist? We prepared some questions to ask the people really have a threesome. So that we can explore the mysterious word. 

bisexual free online date and have fun
bisexual free online date and have fun

Bysexual and gay have common point and difference. It can be understand from their definition. My understanding of bisexual and gay is bisexual could be gay someday, gay could never become a bisexual. 

But this statement is based on the theory. Will you deliberately distinguish gay and bisexual in daily life? Well, I think Sexual orientation research experts will do it. We are not the experts. We probably know someone live around us is gay or bisexual. Out of curiosity, you want to know all the details about their life. Because you never experienced it. People always want explore the unknown things. 

how to have fun with bisexual beauties

I’m a straight woman and I’m very sure that. So don’t query my sexual orientation because of below words. I have graduated from college for 5 years. I’m working in an internet company now. Like most of young people, I’m single. I like the single life, free and exciting.
I don’t need to send child to school. I can go anywhere in the holiday or lay in my bed all day. There is no one asking me do something. I’m single but my life didn’t disorder. All thing is in my control. I’m either in the office or stay at home from Monday to Friday. But I have a secret. I don’t like my workmate, go hiking, swimming, travel in the weekend. I’m a bi-curious. I don’t know the detail time I became a bi-curious. 

In general speaking bisexual include the homosexual and heterosexuality. Everyone can accept heterosexuality. But how many people can accept homosexual?
From the perspective of boys, it’s hardly to accept the gay. But less people will discrimination lesbian. The most different between the gay and lesbian is the sex mode. When we talk about gay we can imagine the anal sex automatic. But when we talk about the lesbian, there is a beautiful picture in our mind. Rule out the reason of sex mode, I think a lot of people will choose to accept gay. 

bisexual free online date and have fun

There have a threesome date. But you never meet other partners before. So, what do you want more?-MMF or MFF. I don’t think it’s a difficult program. Because you must make a decision when you bring out the date. 

What the different between MMF and MFF?
At first we should explain what is MMF and MFF. This is the mode of the threesome. MMF is two male and one female. MFF is one male and two female. Many people know the words because they ever join a threesome in the past. If you never heard the words, how about have a threesome. Oh, just make a joke. Let’s come back the topic. 

The newestbisexual date story and experience​

bisexual free online date and have fun

What is your favorite color…….?
Purple/Pink.  5 Points
Red/yellow color. 3 Points
Green/blue. 1 Point

How do you choose friend?
Choose same-sex friends very carefully.  5 points
Choose opposite sex friends very carefully.  3 Points
Don’t care about this.  1 Points

bisexual online date and have fun