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Depend on some correlation study, there are more 2%-4% gay than lesbian in the world. Because of the reason mentioned above. Most of man will not own to be gay, say nothing of bisexual. But most woman are willing to be lesbian. And most of them are own to be bisexual. This is the reason why female bisexual looks like more than male bisexual. But in fact, the bi-man is more than bi-woman.

There are some reason to explore why woman have the sexual desire to same sex more easy. Strong male and female groups in the course of human evolution. The female must learn how to live with same-sex. The masturbation will happen when the spouse absence. Maybe it just a kind of fun to be lesbian. 

From the perspective of boys, it’s hardly to accept the gay. But less people will discrimination lesbian. The most different between the gay and lesbian is the sex mode. When we talk about gay we can imagine the anal sex automatic. But when we talk about the lesbian, there is a beautiful picture in our mind. Rule out the reason of sex mode, I think a lot of people will choose to accept gay. 

Man and Woman-Which is more likely to be bisexual?

In general speaking bisexual include the homosexual and heterosexuality. Everyone can accept heterosexuality. But how many people can accept homosexual? 

bisexual free online date and have fun
bisexual free online date and have fun

For some woman, they identify themselves to heterosexuality. But there are a lot of people can accept the lesbian. And no one hate lesbian. Also, the lesbian can attract both man and woman. Sometimes they will own to bisexual, but they are not real bisexual. Only the woman have sex experience with another woman is more likely to be a bisexual. It’s hard to confirm. 

Although, it’s not the real homosexual when people like the same sexual with the characteristics of the opposite sex. But, all the gay’s love begin with it. It’s normal for people interested in homo. If we can forget the anal sex, the gay and lesbian have no different. Theoretically, everyone have a litter tendency to be bisexual. 

In man’s eyes, the sex of lesbian is like masturbation when they have no emotion to each other. This is the reason why the man don’t loathe lesbian. Even they can bring out and join the threesome .