If bisexual is one kind of human development trend?

Human is a very peculiar species. We are not strongest in the ancient age, but we survived. What is we depend on. I think it’s the adaptive capacity. Like Darwin said:“Natural selection, survival of the fittest”. The ability of adapt the environment make us gain more and more advantage. In the end, we rule the world. But I think that not only the ability of adapt, but also ourselves evolution give us great help. Did you ever seen the movie X-Men? There are a lot of super power men in the movie. There is one novel concept was mentioned in the movie, it’s “gene mutation”. The ability make human become an unprecedented strong. Someone is fear about the change, even try to stop the “gene mutation”. Does it right? I don’t think so. 

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Variation, is the key to our evolution.It makes us from single-celled organisms, evolution into the dominant species on the earth.This process is very slow, it usually takes ten million years, but every hundreds of thousands of years of evolution process can be occurred by leaps.

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What we depend on to survive from ancient age to now? Change! Change the environment, change ourselves. “Gene mutation” make us become powerful time to time. Think of the first man to walk on, the first man try to speak. Does it like the first people to say he/she is bisexual? Blame, fling abuses and even fear is the response of others. It’s like the plot in the “X-Man”. Does bisexual make any mistake? No, they just walking in front of the human. 

Many reasons lead to the result. We have no ideal to save the problem. Due to some unknown reasons our body is begin to change. Like it happened in the ancient age. More and more people choose to coming out for now. Rather than to speak we choose coming out it’s better to say the nature let us coming out. It’s good for social stable when people release pressure by having date with others. This is why we need bisexual and gay. 

Not only the problem mentioned above, but also the ratio of male and female imbalance is the important trouble. Below are some countries that male and female imbalance. 

Have you think of that where is bisexual come from and why? If you have no ideal with the question, let’s talk about it. 

Why is bisexual, not gay or transgender? We know that population increase of many countries were stop. Even in some countries, the population negative growth. There are two reasons. One is the shift in thinking. More and more young people choose barren. The other reason is hard for people to conceive. This must be a bad news for human. There is one kind of fish. The female will change to male when the male fish dead. I think the change is appears in human. It make us adapt the population situation. All the change become from a point. Maybe it’s the first bisexual or gay. Then more and more bisexual and gay were born. The purpose of this “gene mutation” is make people have more chance to fall in love with others, the characteristic of bisexual coincide of this. Bisexual could love both sexuality. They have more chance to date with others.