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I don’t need to send child to school. I can go anywhere in the holiday or lay in my bed all day. There is no one asking me do something. I’m single but my life didn’t disorder. All thing is in my control. I’m either in the office or stay at home from Monday to Friday. But I have a secret. I don’t like my workmate, go hiking, swimming, travel in the weekend. I’m a bi-curious. I don’t know the detail time I became a bi-curious. 

I’m a straight woman and I’m very sure that. So don’t query my sexual orientation because of below words. I have graduated from college for 5 years. I’m working in an internet company now. Like most of young people, I’m single. I like the single life, free and exciting.

I had heard the word “bisexual” before. I don’t think it’s very special. Just like the gay, lesbian, straight or someone’s name. You couldn’t know how it’s amazing when you haven’t understand it. The way I am. I know that they can fall in love with both sexuality. In my mind, I think that they either choose to love gay or choose to love a straight. So that no one know they are bisexual. But, I was wrong. Their life are full of variety. They have bisexual club, hundred bisexual date, threesome date. It’s amazing. I never heard before. 

It’s a night of March just like usual. I’m searching some reference material on the internet. Unexpected, I click a site named bisexualfun. At first, I want to close it. But the picture and the title of the article attack me very much. I’m not busy at that time, so I read some articles in the site. And I walk into the bisexual’s word from now on. 

I’m very interested in the threesome dating. I’m a straight woman. I just be curious female how to have sex with another female. I don’t reject it when I know I have done all the safety precautions.I also like have sex with male. But I decided to get married after 30 years old. I want to enjoy my life when I was young. 

bisexual free online date and have fun

I’m very satisfaction of my life. I think I will go on to join the bisexual’s date. I like the feeling when we stay together. Just like join a party of old friends. I’m bi-curious, I’m straight. 

bisexual free online date and have fun

I had joined some bisexual’s date. As identify to be a bi-curious. I never lie to my partner. In general, I will tell them I’m a bi-curious, I don’t do the oral sex, anal sex. And all member of the threesome must wear a condom. I will agree to join when they accept my requirements. Every time, my partners are very respect me. They not only accept all my requirements but also teach me some important things about threesome. 

I’m a bi-curious woman!