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No.2 Don’t ask their private life.

Everyone has secret. The way to give others a good impression is not explore their private life. There are many people looking for date everyday. What you are looking for is the fun and happiness. That is enough. Have a crazy dating/3some dating with one/two bisexual woman/man or more bisexuals. And be yourself at next day’s morning. If you want keep the relationship. Stop your curiosity and enjoy the date.  

How to have fun with bisexual beauties?

No.1 Don’t leave your phone number in public.

Leave the phone number in public can give you psychological comfort. That is “I had leave my phone number here, there must have someone call me”. Of cause it work on some lucky guys. So that a lot of people try to leave their phone number in public. But I just want say “it really a stupid behavior”. If you often leave your phone number in public, stop it. This behavior cannot give you any help. Reverse it will take you a lot of trouble. Sometimes it will bring you few sells calls. But sometime it maybe fraud calls instead. Change-place-reflect, would you want call a stranger number? 

For the question I think it confused most of bisexual man. Where to find bisexual woman? If they want date with me? No only bisexual man, but also many bisexual woman have no ideal. Type your paragraph here.

Are you feel disappoint; When you join a bisexual or gay&lesbian party and find the people just get together to eat food. And someone will ask your phone number but never call you. After few times, you won’t join the party anymore. So there are some suggestions about how to find real bisexual man, woman&couple to have date. 

No.3 Don’t identify whom you date with is bisexual or not.

The reason why talk to you don’t identify whom you date with is that you will get two kinds of answer. Yes or no answer. If you want date with bisexual, there are two kinds of people will attack by the date. Bisexual and bi-curious. But no matter whether they are bisexual. They come for the date and want enjoy the wonderful night. This is the most important thing. 

bisexual have threesome

No.4 Looking for date at right place.

Although you prepare everything but don’t forget looking for date at right place. Where it’s. Yeah, on the internet. A lot of date site on the web. Try the personal date site. They can protect your personal profile. And help you find the dream date.

It’s just few suggestions. Wish you can get some help. Don’t confused and just do it.