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By the way, other sexual orientation is homosexual and heterosexuality. Because of the pressure of the social, many gay prefer to come out as bisexual. So that bisexual is called the gay that didn’t come out in public. 

Are you bisexual?

This kind of people could be bisexual:

  •  The youth that still explore the sexual orientation, want to have a try to date with male and female.​
  •  Already have sex with one of the gender, but still don’t want to give up the relationship with another gender. 
  • The people with intense emotion for relationship and positive to love both gender. 
  • For personal growth and the cause of education, some people had ignore the importance of gender factors. 
  •  Through the comparison and selection, rationally determine bisexual is the sexual orientation that can most meet the requirements of their emotional and have sex. 
  •  Cannot identity their sexual orientation. 

Well, how to identify to be a bisexual is very simple. In general, we call the people bisexual that can attract by both male and female. The attraction of both gander to bisexual not always the same. A bisexual could keep relationship with both male and female. Of course bisexual could keep relationship with one of the gender. Even bisexual could prefer one kind of gender.

Bisexual could exist in both homosexual and heterosexuality. , I think it’s a unique combination of gay and straight. Another viewpoint is both gay and heterosexuality have single sexual orientation, but bisexual contact both of them. Like the concepts of set in mathematical. 

Some people said the best way to save bisexual is marriage as soon as possible. So that they could have fixed sexual partner. Then bisexual can be a straight. How ridiculous it is! Whether a gay man married with a straight woman and then he will become straight? In the same way, whether straight married with gay then he/she will become gay? Bisexual, gay, straight is the thing cannot be changed. Just like water cannot turn to stone. To be yourself, don’t need to change anything. What make you happy and it’s the direction to find happiness.