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One of my wish is doing everything with you. Though I know it's impossible. I have been fantasy the image, someday we are sitting in the sunshine when we are old. The image is so beautiful. But as a bisexual, I must make a choice. I must leave you. I’m so sorry.

We loved each other for seven years, I still remember how we met. That day I playing World of Warcraft at home alone. I was level 40 and was leveling. And I was ambushed by three horde, I think I'm dead. Then you just appeared. Driven off them. From then on I was loving the feeling you   standing in front of me. Originally I thought I just have one more partner in the game. Until one day you told me that you are a gay. At that moment I was stunned. I was in fact a bisexual, although I have a girlfriend, but I know, I actually prefer men. More as it is, we are in the same city. Oh my god, I can't believe, this is true.

We began to send E-mail to each other, chat with mobile phone. But you always refused to give me your photos, also never video chat with me. Your voice is so nice, reminds me of one of my former colleagues. In fact, I have a crush on him at that time. 

A story about a gay and a bisexual.

After that date. We get together for seven years. My girlfriend and I have been not married. I know that she has been waiting for me many years. But how to make a decision is too difficult for me. Actually my girlfriend already know our relationship. I had talked to her. She said she couldn’t accept our relationship and I must make a choice between you and her. I know, I am selfish, make you very sad. I cannot leave her. So, let’s break up. 

Originally, you also fell in love with me. But I have a girlfriend at that time, you said that you thought we can't get together. So you choose to leave. You are going to give up, and start a new life. Overheard former colleagues talking about me that I watching gay dating websites in the office. That is my mistake. Didn't monitor off when have dinner. When I came back, I was laughed at by all colleagues. They talk about the thing for few weeks. I didn't expect you heard that too. And then you get to my game ID. In the world of the game, you have emerged to another to find me. And you succeed. Really good luck.

On March 5th seven years ago, you suddenly send a message to me, say that today is your birthday. Can you meet with me? I'm very happy. That night I was ten minutes in advance in accordance with the contract in a gay bar to waiting for you. When you appear, I was stunned. So it's you, that I have a crush on colleagues. How is it possible that this can't be a coincidence! Under my coercive interrogation, you finally tell the truth.

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